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This domain has been reserved for future use. However it may also be available for sale/lease or development. If you are interested in the domain please follow the information below.

About Our Domains

Who are PID?

PiD are specialists in the UK domain market and accredited Nominet members. The PiD portfolio comprises a range of premium generic and descriptive UK domains by sector & niche acquired from a range of sources over 10+ years.

How are the domains sold?

Purchase involves outright sale of registrant rights to the domain. This is by single payment or staged installments. For the later option the registrant transfer is performed after the final payment has been processed.

The price is based on a number of factors, such as generic nature and tld popularity. While offers may be considered those well outside of the set price are unlikely to be entertained.

Where two or more similar domains are bundled together the price is for the pair. We have worked hard to obtain suitable sets of domains which give a niche benefit - an important factor in site success. While we may consider offers to split the domains this is unlikely and the single domain guide price will be ~90% of the domain pair.

Where the bundled domains are the .co.uk & .uk tlds these are recent acquisitions post the Nominet introduction of the shorter .uk tld. These will be sold only as a .co.uk/.uk pair.

Can anyone own a .uk domain

Yes, there are no geo-restrictons on who can own and use a .uk domain name. There are caveats based on accuracy of registrant data.

For .co.uk / .org.uk / .me.uk - There are no address restrictions, however the registrant name and address details must be correct and verifiable by Nominet. If there are data issue Nominet will inform you and instruct you to correct the information or send proof that the details are correct.

For the new shorter .uk - Registrants of the .uk extension must use a verifiable UK service address. Overseas residents may use an 'address for service' that is based in the UK such as provided by ScanMyPost.co.uk.

What about the .uk version of the .co.uk domain for sale

On June 10, 2014 Nominet introduced the shorter .uk domain extension. If I buy a .co.uk domain from you will I also get the .uk version? Yes, unless otherwise indicated all .co.uk domains offered for sale will also come with the exclusive rights to the .uk domain. This gives the registrant the sole opportunity to register the .uk version of their domain upto June 10, 2019, i.e. within 5 years.

What are the development options?

We are looking for suitable joint-venture partners for some of our domains, particularly those suitable for ecommerce development. If you are a wholesaler, with a established UK presence or UK distributor and provide high quality marketplace products at a highly competitive rate and ideally dropshopping or stock fulfillment services then get in touch. We may be interested in a business opportunity.

How do I pay for a domain?

We currently are partnering with SEDO - the premier domain marketplace. For purchase enquiries please follow the BUY @ SEDO link. We also optionally selectively sell directly which has a 20% discount over the SEDO price. We have a number of payment options, primarily bank transfer, cheque or paypal. Credit and debit cards payments are available by way of a paypal invoice. There are no hidden extras. All prices are inclusive of tax and Nominet admin transfer fees. Please use the contact form for direct sales. Note the guide price will be based on the SEDO price.

How does the transfer work? Can you help?

We appreciate this may be an unfamiliar process for many people. We provide a full handholding service throughout the whole procedure. All .uk domain transfers are done online in real-time through Nominet - who run .uk, and of which we are a member. Full details are provided during the process. We can be contacted by phone at any point if needed.

Do you lease any of your domains?

While the focus remains on the outright sale of the registrant rights to a domain we also provide a limited lease and lease purchase option. Details of this can be provided on request. It is not available on all domains, where installment purchase may be more suitable option.

Do you provide other services, such as hosting?

While we don't currently provide third party hosting services we do however know the UK market well enough to provide recommendations for registrars and webhosts based on your requirements.

Domain Disclaimer

The web is big... really big. The PiD portfolio comprises a very small proportion of the 10 million+ registered uk domains, yet within that will be a small number of domains whose relevance which, despite the generic nature, will conflict with the interests of others, either through a business of personal capacity.

We only register domains with generic terminology - common words, phrases, idioms, anagrams etc. We do not typosquat, we do not cybersquat.

When enquiring about a domain plase take this on board. We will not deal with parties who assert 'rights' over a domain, including but not exclusively trademarks within one or more categories.

Domain Sales

If you are interested in purchasing the rights to the domain please follow the link below to our domain sales partner SEDO, the premier global domain marketplace.

Or for all other queries please contact us below

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